Tuesday, September 14, 2010



I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be writing my fathers name with the letters R.I.P following it. Which is ironic because he is the one person who made me believe that Wildest dreams are possible.  You know after people die people have all these amazing things to say about them, he was one person that people had amazing things to say about him even when he was alive.

My Father Durand Robinson played the role of dad to so many LGBT and Heterosexuals youth. My entire life I had to share my father with the world. I never understood the length of his generosity, but I always admired and respected it. Many nights of my childhood were spent watching my dad get up in the middle of the night, to take someone to the grocery store, or spend our xmas eves out til the wee hours of the morning delivering gifts to the less fortunate family members who resided in government housing, only to return just in time to be there when i woke up for my big reveal to everything I ever wanted or asked for.

Thats how my life was my father always had just the right amount of time, to work his self to death, give all he had to the world, and ensure that I lived as much of a charm life as possible.  I often said daddy when are you gonna do something that makes you happy. He said I am my joy comes from the lord and this is what he wanted me to do.

Many believed that my father was literally an Angel living on earth, and the more I recall my childhood I think so too. I knew my father was special but I never realized how special until God called him back. I don't believe I will never meet another man so selfless and given in my life. My home was always packed with a runaway, or a friend that lost his job, or a relative that fell on hard times who also happened to have three kids. Somehow daddy manage to make sure I was ok and didn't get lost within the chaos of his generosity.

He always encouraged me to dream big, and invested whatever it took to make those dreams come true. Every time I would ask him to invest in one of my new business ventures he did so with a lecture, that went something like "When you make your million dollars, I want all my money back, because I know you will"! He believed in me so much by the time i was 21 I had already had 6 cars because i kept blowing the head gaskets out on the other one. He would scold me, and tell me Wynter you have to slow down, from doing what you want in life and do what you need to. I later realized this saying applied more, than to me just running out of gas, or just wrecking my cars.

Daddy taught me a lot of things in life that I feel like I share with the world and his other kids.
*Do unto Others as you would have them do Unto You
*Be Humble Wynter
*Its Ok to speak first Wynter,  God judges on ur Heart not theirs
*Don't use the N word, we came to far for that (nigga)
*Watch how you carry yourself, you never know whos watching
*Never lend money out that you expect to get back
*Don't Play with People heart Wynter
*Respect your Elders
*Don't judge people on their appearence

Now that Daddy's gone, and I've wiped my tears and I had time to think clearly. I know exactly what I need to do, exactly what he always mde clear for me to do. He wants me to become the Greatest Me, I could be. I vow to him all the Dance Classes, Debutante Classes, Modeling School, Beauty Pageants, Private Academies will not go in Vain. I will be great! I will do it in his honor too. I will keep his dream alive.
Coming soon Durands Kidz Foundation and Heiress Incorporated Events with proceeds benefiting the Foundation.

My Fathers Life on Earth has Ended, but his dream and spirit will live on through me.

-The Heiress Wynter Robinson

"the money won't change me, but i will change the world"