Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stormy Weather! (A Poem based on girl interactions)

Stormy Weather
(A poem based on girl-girl interactions)
( pictured above: Wynter and Lindsay)

Its kinda funny how
when i stepped out today
there were no clouds peaking out.

But i moved the wrong way
no more than two feet
the rain began to pour
splashing hard down on me

I stood still
I decided not to run
i guess this calmed the rain
because out came the sun

So now I'm standing here
feeling shocked and confused
im standing real still
trying not to make no sudden moves

I want the Sky to stay calm
so I can have a good day
cuz when the weather pissed off
it effects me in a crazy way

But shit I cant stay still
trying to please the weather
i'll never get anywhere
wheres my damn Umbrella?

Today I wokeup
and let the sky know
if you wanna play
I got my rain boots, so lets go

but at the same time though
Don't get it confused
I love the changing of the weather
it keeps me amused.

Now that i think about
I have to obviously
I keep going out in it,
to see what it has for me.

-Wynter Original

(based on how deep girl interactions and relationships can be)


Christan Singer comes out the Closet!!!

Beloved Christan Singer Jennifer Knapp has came out the hold closet, She is back after her un announced hiatus from the industry once rumor started to surface about her and her girlfriend of 8 yrs.

For Knapp, the process of bringing faith and sexuality into a coherent self required her to step away from her life and career in the U.S. The music that had spoken through her voice and hands became completely alienating.

Church people are so weird to me, they love you unconditonaly as long as you do everything they want you to do. Hypocrites.

Kudos to you Jennifer.

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